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Ranelle Golden is an Author, Screenplay Writer, Director, Producer, and Music Talent Manager. Ranelle's multitude of talent extends to experience in music, writer, film, and television. She has been writing screenplays for years, with dozens to her credit, and, as an award winning seasoned Indie Film Maker, she has completed television pilots and commercials for herself and her clients.

Ranelle began her career in the music business, working with her own band and writing original music. Marriage and children added another wonderful dimension to her life, yet it wasn't long before music called her back. Soon, she traveled down another path, opening a successful music educational center that expanded into a full performing arts school, complete with a black box theater. Over 400 students attended and performed during their time at the Academy. Although she had to close the school due to serious health issues that caused blindness, Ranelle never let go of her dreams or her ideas.

After a long road to recovery, Ranelle was again inspired to bring her creative vision to life. Feeling that she had a "second chance", she started writing her first screenplay, and, with new focus and energy, she was also able to complete her first book, "Twin Curse". Ranelle soon understood it was time to open her own doors and make things happen. From this realization, her first short film, "Saving Amy" was born.

In 2018 and 2019, Ranelle release three books and multiple files.  Including, the film, Don't Shoot the Messenger, which is slated to premiere this summer on BET. 

Ranelle Golden is truly a "creative" who has had experience in every division of the, writing, television and film. Coupled with drive and ambition she is....unstoppable..


Mohan is a film producer, editor and an actor, and provides sound mixing and lighting technical support for productions.  He owns two production companies, Rock House Productions and Cosmic Studios, both based in Central Florida.  He has been working and producing in film industry since 2010.  His film credit spans television episodic series, television pilots, theatrical and short films, commercial and music video productions.  Recently he completed season 1 of “Transcend” a TV episodic series, which is streamed on Amazon Prime.  Prior to this work, he owned and operated a music academy and black box theater in Central Florida, from 2005 to 2008, providing education in music and theater to various age groups.  In 2017 he, along with his partner, started the Cosmic Film Festival and currently manages the festival as the operations director.   Added to his credit, he has also managed a number of musical theater productions and events since 2005. Though an engineer by trade, he is an avid fan of films and learned the ins and outs of filming, working in his spare time alongside his creative partner (an accomplished book author, screenwriter, film director and producer, and film festival founder) over the years.

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